Saturday, June 11, 2005

Feeling the blues

I wanna run away…from friends, parents, college, classes, aptitude tests, DCATs and just everything. There are times when tension grips u n u don’t know where to turn to…everybody around is willing to help u but u suddenly seem to lose ur voice. U want to scream, help me help me and all that u can manage in a whimper, devoid of any meaning or sound. Just a silent prayer that people who care for u will hear u…they won’t require audible sounds….they wont require explanations…..nothing…nothing at all. But u feel overburdened…overburdened by their expectations or the lack of it, their tolerance, their impatience, their concern, their faith in you…just by anything and everything. U wallow in self pity for sometime. Stifled by the surroundings…finally the a small voice from within u muster enough courage to squeak , “ I am tensed abut my post grad. What should I do? God help me!” and the damage control plan goes into overdrive. Suddenly everyone around is doing ttheir best to find about about future career prospects, assuring you that maybe all is not lost. Friends rally behind u, kid bro understands those temper tantrums, Mom discusses media with her kitty friends, Dad with his colleagues. Everyone is trying to help. A top B-school may not just accept u but u r already accepted into something much more larger, much more stable, much more warm and secure. B-schools can wait, right now its thank u time. And I m off to thanking all those people who made me realize that world doesn’t end if u don’t plan ahead. Ur planning just opens a whole new world ahead for u :)