Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Just for the heck of it

Time for a new post. Ummm...so what should I say? job hunting, GDPI lists checking , prelims, pencil chewing (synonymous with exams), notes gathering (a positive sign : shows that studies have gathered a momentum when u know that u have none of the notes required to study)....doing so much and still doing nothing. Thats the beauty of college life I guess. A month more and then there will be the big, bad(?) real world where being lukkha is a crime unlike collge life where not being lukkha is a crime.
Already on a nostalgia trip. New resolutions are happening too.
Resolution No. 1 : write more sensible posts
Resolution No. 2: Work on spellings
Resolution No. 3 : Try to study hard
Resolution No. 4 : Try to follow these resolutions before updating the list ( tough luck.......looks like this list is not getting updated for quite some time then)